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Sex Positions: Legs Pressed on the Shoulders Position

This is a very special and pleasurable position. The woman lies on her back on the bed. The man approaches the woman’s hips and lifts the woman’s feet onto one of his shoulders. This position is quite wonderful, but it […]

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Sex Positions: Phoenix Flying in the Red Cave Position

First, the man sits on the carpet, with his arms straight back and support on the ground, leans back, legs bend and spread. The woman faces the man, with right leg over the man’s left shoulder, and put on the […]

sex positions-sex positions vidoes
Sex Positions: Ramming Position

First, the man stands against the wall, the woman stands with her hands on the ground, and her feet up, hooking the man’s shoulders in an upside-down position. At this time, the man’s hands grasp the woman’s legs, head close […]

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Sex Positions: Magnetic Absorbing Position

The woman lies flat on her back, legs together. The man lies on top of the woman in the form of a hexagon. Advantages of This Sex Position This position can stimulate the sensitive zones of both the man and […]