Videos Pornos xxx - 5: Winding Gymnastics Sex Positions Videos #5

First, the woman gets on the ground, legs stretched straightly and widely, elbows on the ground. The man’s back is to the woman, legs open, place on both sides of the woman’s body, bend over and get down, place hips on top of the woman’s hips, place the head between the legs of the woman, elbows on the ground, after adjusting the position, get started.

Advantages of This Sex Position

  • The advantages of this position are the posture is novelty, and easy to develop a sense of curiosity.
  • It can stimulate both sides. The man can move his hips to control the angle and depth of entry, and get different kinds of pleasure.
  • The woman’s G-spot is strongly stimulated. The woman can free her hands to touch the man’s legs, enhance emotional communication between the man and the woman.

Disadvantages of This Sex Position

  • The disadvantages are due to the angle, the union depth of the man and the woman is average. If the movements are too violent, penis is easy to slide out.
  • Both sides supported on all fours for too long, it is easy to get sore.
  • It requires some physical strength support.
  • It can’t be liberated to fully caress each other’s body, which make both sides feel single.
  • The man cannot see the woman’s facial expression, and can’t grasp how excited the woman is at present.

NOTE: We provide live video demonstrations for these sex positions, you can download these sex positions videos below.

Sex Positions Videos Included:

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