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The man stands in the water, back against the poolside handrail. The woman can open one leg slightly, and put her hands around the man’s neck, grip the man’s thigh as if riding a horse, or put her legs around the man’s waist to make love. The key is that the man hugs the woman’s waist, and the woman hugs the man’s neck, centered on the man’s legs, move back and forth or rotationally. The woman wiggles her waist to match the man. Because at this time, the buttocks are pulled into contact with the pubic bone, the area around the clitoris will receive pressure and produce pleasure. Increased excitement will make the woman naturally lean back, the man can use the opportunity to caress the woman’s breast.

This posture has many variations in practice. For example, the woman sits on the man’s legs, cater him initiative to the vagina. The man in a passive position, and woman in a positive position, in which way will add a new dimension to the sex life.

When the woman can fully master the position, move the body up and down again and again, both the man and woman will get full sexual pleasure at this time. The woman can also control the depth of penetration at her will, and the frequency of movement.

Have a little advice here, if there is such a chance, it’s better to bring some clothes, in case someone breaks in and you have nothing to hide then, which causes the endup of lovemaking in insufficient conditions.

When using the woman-on-top position, attention should be paid to the lubrication level of the woman’s vagina. Do not rush in without sufficient lubrication, so as not to cause damage to the penis or pain on both sides. Insertion should be slowly, touch the clitoris step by step, don’t do it all at once.

Advantages of This Sex Position

  • The woman-on-top position also facilitates the adjustment of the length of intercourse and the variation of positions according to the position of the woman and her interests. The man can also touch the woman easily.

NOTE: We provide live video demonstrations for these sex positions, you can download these sex positions videos below.

Sex Positions Videos Included:

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  • Water Hibiscus Sex Positions Videos.mp4
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  • Legs Pressed on the Shoulders Sex Positions Videos.mp4

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