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First, the man sits on the sofa, both legs bent at the knees, and open.
The woman’s back is to the man, legs together, sit on the heel of the man’s thigh, hands on the table for support, lean forward as much as possible.
At this time, the man’s two hands stretch forward, holds the woman’s waist, or caress her breasts, enter the woman from behind.

The female partner cooperates with the male to do the back and forth movement. During the movement, the woman’s hands stretched back alternately, hug around the man’s neck or waist, send signals to the man that he needs to pick up the pace.

The requirements for environment selection of this position are, when two people are alone together, it could be a living room environment, it can also be a bedroom environment.
To increase the flavor of sex life, make love after the bath, is a good choice.

Advantages of This Sex Position

  • The advantages of this position are that the body positions of both sides are not limited by specific rules, the man can caress the woman’s breasts on the one hand, nudging back and forth on the other hand, provide the woman with more stimulation of sensitive areas.

NOTE: We provide live video demonstrations for these sex positions, you can download these sex positions videos below.

Sex Positions Videos Included:

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