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Sex Positions: Phoenix Flying in the Red Cave Position

First, the man sits on the carpet, with his arms straight back and support on the ground, leans back, legs bend and spread. The woman faces the man, with right leg over the man’s left shoulder, and put on the carpet behind the man for support, leans forward, hold on to a sofa or chair with both hands, lift the left leg.

At this time, the man changes his left hand to support the ground, the right hand to hold up the woman’s left leg, head close to the woman’s thigh root.

After these preparations, the man begin to caress the woman. During caressing, the woman can support the sofa with one hand, the left hand lightly press the head of the man, with the movements of the hand, guide the man to caress her sensitive areas to make her easier to reach orgasm.

The man should hold the woman’s left leg to ensure the head has enough space to move.
If the woman feels sore and weak after supporting her hands for too long, she can straighten her body and press her hands on the man’s shoulders to ensure the continuous caressing.

Advantages of This Sex Position

  • The advantages of this position are that the man’s head has more space to move.
  • Because the woman’s legs are spread at a wide angle, the root and inner of the woman’s thighs, can also be the target of the man’s caresses, which brings more pleasure to the woman.

Disadvantages of This Sex Position

  • The disadvantages are that the woman can only enjoy the caress from the man, while the man can not get it from the woman, which can easily make the man feel left out.
  • The man also cannot watch the woman’s facial expressions, and cannot grasp her arousal level. If the man’s right hand holds the woman’s left leg for too long, it is easy for him to feel sore and weak.
  • If the woman’s single leg support for too long, she will be paralyzed easily.

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