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Sex Positions: Hundred Flowers Blooming Position

First, the woman lies flat on the carpet, bend legs at the knees, open legs on the edge of the bed.

The woman faces the man, legs spread, kneel on both sides of the man’s head, keep the man’s head exactly between her legs, bend over and put the upper body, close to the man’s body, and place the head between the legs of the male partner, bend hands, put on the man’s lap.

At the same time, the man holds his hands around, the woman’s waist to caress.

Advantages This Sex Position

The advantages of this sex position are, both partners can enjoy the stimulation of caressing each other at the same time, and it helps to reach orgasm simultaneously.

The man’s thighs are spread at a wide angle, the woman’s head has more room to move, and can caress the man’s legs and inner thighs, through the movement of the head, bring different pleasure to the man.

The body of the man and the woman are closely united, all pleasure points on the front side get friction, and get good tactile pleasure.

Disadvantages of This Sex Position

The disadvantages are that the woman’s body is pressed against the man’s, which makes it difficult for the man to breathe.

The man has to lift his head in order to caress the woman, and it is inevitable that he will feel sore and weak for too long.

With legs hanging off the edge of the bed for a long time, it’s easy to feel paralyzed, so the man needs to have the good physical strength.

Because of the closeness of their bodies, their hands cannot caress other sensitive parts of each other’s body, and cannot stimulate other pleasure points.

Both sides can’t see each other’s facial expressions, and can’t grasp each other’s arousal level.

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