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The woman stands facing the wall, hands on the wall.

The man stands behind the woman, enter the woman’s body from the behind.

The man pressed against the woman’s hip tightly, stroke the woman’s back when pumping, or clamp the woman’s legs with both hands supporting the wall. The woman keeps her legs together.

At this moment the woman’s hip muscles, the inner muscles of the legs, including the muscle groups of the vaginal opening, can be involved in sexual intercourse, makes the man’s penis feel strongly clenched, and enhances sexual pleasure, causes a powerful stimulating force for male ejaculation.

It also causes great vaginal irritation to women, and vaginal orgasm is very easy to achieve. It can be said that this sex position is the easiest position to get a vaginal orgasm.

Advantages of This Sex Positions

  • The advantages of this sex position are the man can use his hands to stimulate the woman’s breasts, clitoris or to stroke her back.
  • The range of motion is relatively fuller, sexual pleasure is also intense.

Disadvantage of This Sex Positions

  • The disadvantage is it can not stimulate the woman’s vagina, and is not very suitable for women with clitoral orgasm only. But after several sexual intercourses, most women can enjoy this sex position.

Having instant sex doesn’t mean it can be boring, the secret to making instant sex a great memory is always be creative.

Instant sex is fast, so it can be done anywhere. Of course, it depends on how brave you and your partner are.
One important point is, based on the time and place where the instant sex takes place, make sure the latch is pulled, the button was fastened correctly, the shirt is tucked in properly, no spots on your body, and remember to comb your hair, this is the easiest factor to reveal what you’ve done.

NOTE: We provide live video demonstrations for these sex positions, you can download these sex positions videos below.

Sex Positions Videos Included:

  1. White Tiger Jumping Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  2. Phoenix Flying in the Red Cave Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  3. Hundred Flowers Blooming Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  4. Hugging Flowers Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  5. Back Arch Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  6. Colorful Butterfly Loving Flowers Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  7. Winding Gymnastic Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  8. Water Hibiscus Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  9. Magnetic Absorbing Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  10. Ramming Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  11. Touching and Releasing Sex Positions Videos.mp4
  12. Legs Pressed on the Shoulders Sex Positions Videos.mp4

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