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Sex Positions: Colorful Butterfly Loving Flowers Position

First, the woman bends her knees, legs together, sit on the carpet, body leans back, lean against the railing, then shrink the waist and abdomen, lift the legs, hold the legs with arms, open the legs at the same time. In order to eliminate the pain caused by hard squeezing in the sexual activity and make the back feel comfortable, it would be better to put a few pillows on beforehand.

The man approaches the woman from the front, legs together, bend knees to the ground for support, then lean forward, put head close to the base of the woman’s thighs, support woman’s hips with both hands, caress the woman with the mouth and tongue.
After the sexual activity has begun, the woman can place her legs inside the man to save energy. The man can use both hands to support the woman’s hips to make the female sex organs more fully exposed. This gives the woman a deeper and more general caress.

Advantages of This Sex Position

  • The advantages of this position are the amplitude of body movements is moderate, less physical exertion, suitable for poor physique or convalescent couples.

Disadvantage of This Sex Position

  • The disadvantage is that the man’s legs on his knees are too long.

NOTE: We provide live video demonstrations for these sex positions, you can download these sex positions videos below.

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