Sex Positions 1: White Tiger Jumping Sex Position

First, the woman lies flat on the sofa, leans her head against the armrest of the sofa, lifts one leg and rests it naturally on the sofa backrest. Straightens the other leg, placing her hands on both sides of her body.

The man straddles the woman, kneels on the sofa and clamps the woman’s thighs, then supports his hands on both sides of the woman’s head and gets his body down close to the woman.

At this time the woman’s hands can embrace the man’s waist.

The man moves from top to bottom and in the process of movement, the man can free his hands to fondle the woman’s breasts to enhance sexual stimulation.

Sex Positions: White Tiger Jumping Sex Position

Advantages of This Sex Position

  • The advantages of this sex position are the man takes the initiative the woman passive, both the man and the woman can look at each other which increases the love interest.
  • This sex position allows the man to penetrate better into the woman and to do some stroking movements on her.
  • The woman can hold the man’s waist and regulate the man’s strength and rhythm to make both partners reach orgasm at the same time.

Disadvantages of This Sex Position

  • But there are some drawbacks to this position because the man on top, the woman has to bear the pressure of a part of the man, it’s easy to get resist mood.
  • The man’s hands propped up on the sofa, the blood vessels in his hands are pressed and easily fatigued, thus cannot last too long.

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