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Sex Positions: Back Arch Position

This is a beautiful position. It is based on the irregular side entry position and the seated kneeling entry position. This is a very tightly bonded position, both the man and the woman can experience the magic of the ultimate […]

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Sex Positions: Hugging Flowers Position

The woman stands facing the wall, hands on the wall. The man stands behind the woman, enter the woman’s body from the behind. The man pressed against the woman’s hip tightly, stroke the woman’s back when pumping, or clamp the […]

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Sex Positions: Hundred Flowers Blooming Position

First, the woman lies flat on the carpet, bend legs at the knees, open legs on the edge of the bed. The woman faces the man, legs spread, kneel on both sides of the man’s head, keep the man’s head […]

Sex Positions 1: White Tiger Jumping Sex Position

First, the woman lies flat on the sofa, leans her head against the armrest of the sofa, lifts one leg and rests it naturally on the sofa backrest. Straightens the other leg, placing her hands on both sides of her […]